Certified Healing Touch Instructors
(CHTI) in Canada

 The instructors listed teach to the course objectives and course content of the HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program, leading to certification through Healing Beyond Borders. Many of these Instructors will travel to other communities to teach Healing Touch.

If you would like to coordinate a class in your area please connect with them or contact Healing Touch Canada.

(revised Nov 28, 2018)

Courses Certified to teach

Cath ACatherine Awai, B Ed, Dip Ed, CHTP/I

Duncan, BC

1 - 5

Catherine has an active private practice in energy based therapies in Duncan, BC. An educator for over 30 years, she has been actively involved in teaching for the Healing Pathway and for the Develop Your Intuitive Mind Program. Catherine teaches Healing Touch courses 1 through 5. She brings a passion for people and a commitment to making a difference to this work. Her classes offer students a loving, compassionate, grounded, environment, which has been described by students as very safe for personal growth and learning.

jeanneJeanne Balcom, nd, CHTP/I, RCRT, Retired Nurse

Moncton, NB
506-863-8804 cell

 courses 1 - 4
Jean, presently retired from her professional career, continues her holistic practice as a member of the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association and of APNN. She graduated in 1973 with her Diploma in Nursing and has had a diverse nursing career within the hospital health care setting. Her search for a holistic nursing model led her to the Healing Touch International Certificate Program. This has been an integral part of her everyday life and self-care. In 2006, she became certified as an instructor, presently teaching HT courses 1-4. Her commitment to see this educational program become integrated into the health care system has been rewarding as it brings forth heart-centered care. These energy-based techniques are an economical manner to support one's wellness and are integrated with conventional medicine. She supports the Healing Touch communities in NB, and PEI in the role of mentor and resource consultant. Jeanne continues to teach and promote her private practice of naturopathy, Healing Touch and Reflexology.

Jeanne, étudie le programme de «Healing Touch International» depuis 2002. Sa mission est de voir l'intégration de ce programme au sein du système de santé puisqu'il offre une approche holistique, non invasif, économique et efficace. Depuis 2006, elle est enseignante pour ce programme d'étude et d'enseignement et certification «Healing Touch International», maintenant certifiée pour enseigner niveau 1-4. Madame Balcom est une infirmière diplômée depuis 1973 qui est maintenant retraitée. Elle est membre de l'Association des infirmières holistique du Canada et membre de l'Alliance Professionnelle des Naturopathes et Naturothérapeutes offrant ses services en pratique privée comme praticienne de naturothérapie, et autre thérapies holistiques du «Healing Touch» et réflexologie.

Jeanne teaches in either english or french.

mblairMarilyn Blair, CHTP/I

Prince George, BC

1 & 2
Marilyn has had 24 years experience in nursing, primarily in Post Anaesthetic Care. She integrated Healing Touch into her nursing practice at the hospital as well as in her home based "wellness consultation" business. Certified as a Practitioner in 1995 and as an Instructor in 1996, Marilyn is committed to the Holistic Concepts of Healing Touch which promotes wellness and supports healing.

Kathleen Smythe, RN, BSc, CHTP/I

Christina Lake, BC

course 1
Kathleen is a biochemist and a nurse with over thirty years experience in maternity/newborn care, community nursing and geriatrics.  As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor with Healing Beyond Borders, she brings a science-based understanding to the concepts of energy healing.  Kathleen is passionate about healing work and teaches with enthusiasm and compassion.  She has a private practice in southeastern BC that includes a number of energy-based therapies.

bevwBeverley Worbets, RN (retired), BA, CHTP/I

Comox, BC

MANY THANKS to Bev who has recently retired from teaching HT Certification classes. She will continue to be active in the Comox community!
Beverley Worbets, RN (retired), BA, CHTP/I has expanded her nursing practice these past 20 years to include Healing Touch (HT), both as a practitioner and instructor. HT is an integrative therapy that Beverley believes beautifully augments the present day medical model of health care. She has witnessed firsthand the restorative powers of HT with all types and ages of people and animals. Bev’s energetic, humourous approach allows for ease when learning or receiving HT. She is keen and committed to sharing her HT expertise in her private practice and volunteer work.

avaAva Zaritzky, MSW, RSW, CHTP/I

Collingwood, ON

1 & 2
Ava has over 30 years of experience in the field of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.  She believes that healing can be "light hearted" and her interests lie in supporting people to make change in their lives.  Healing Touch became a major focus of Ava’s life in 1990 and she has since joyfully shared it with others worldwide. Ava has a private Healing Touch practice in the Collingwood, ON area and loves bringing “the gift” of Healing Touch to people of all ages and backgrounds.

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