Reading List
(revised 12/11/14)
The booklist was compiled to support the Healing Beyond Borders Healing Touch students, apprentices and practitioners, as well as to provide information helpful in understanding the theories and principles behind the work of Healing Touch.  The list does not include “all” relevant titles and other valuable books can be found in these categories.  The following list is in alphabetical order by title.

 Healing Touch

Energy Medicine/Holism



Personal/Professional Development

Quantum Physics


Spiritual Development
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Healing Touch Certificate Program Course Work
Esoteric Healing (Bailey) see more
Hands of Light (Brennan) see more
Healing Touch: Enhancing Life Through Energy Therapy (Wardell, Anselme, Kagel 2014) see more
Joy’s Way (Joy) see more
White Shadow (Wardell) see more

Energy Medicine/Holism
Anatomy Coloring Book (Elson) see more
Biology of Belief (Lipton) see more
(The) Bond (McTaggert) see more
Chakras and their Archetypes (Wauters) see more
Creation of Health (Myss) see more
Creative Energies (Hover-Kramer) see more
Eastern Body, Western Mind (Judith) see more
Earthing (Ober) see more
Energy Anatomy (Myss) see more
(The) Energy Healing Experiments (Scwartz) see more
Energy Medicine: A Scientific Basis (Oshman) see more
Energy Medicine (Shealy) see more
(The) Four Fold Way (Arrien) see more
(The) Heart’s Code (Persall) see more
(The) Heart Speaks (Guarneri) see more
Holistic Nursing (Dossey) see more
Holistic Nursing Curriculum (Dossey) see more
Infinite Mind:  Science of Human Consciousness (Hunt) see more
(The) Intention Experiment (McTaggert) see more
Invisible Helpers (Leadbeater) see more
Light Emerging (Brennan) see more
Mind Mastery Meditations:  A Workbook for the “Infinite Mind” (Hunt) see more
Pendulum Power (Nielsen/Polansky) see more
Power vs. Force (Hawkins) see more
The Power of the Mind to Heal (Borysenko) see more
Spiritual Alchemy: How to Transform Your Life (Page) see more
Spontaneous Healing of Belief (Braden) see more
(The) Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia For Your Energetic Anatomy (Dale) see more
Vibrational Medicine (Gerber) see more
Wheels of Life (Judith) see more
Wheels of Light (Bruyere) see more
Why People Don't Heal (Myss) see more
Your Body Speaks Your Mind (Shapiro) see more
Intelligence du Corps (Shapiro) see more

Creating Right Relationships: A Practical Guide to Ethics in Energy Therapies (Hover-Kramer, 2009)
Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World (Dalai Lama) see more
Ethics for a New Millennium (Dalai Lama) see more
(The) Ethics of Caring, Honoring the Web of Life in our Professional Healing (Taylor) see more
(The) Ethics of Touch, The Hands-on-Practitioner's Guide to Creating a Professional, Safe, and Enduring Practice (Benjamin and Sohnen-Moe) see more

Quantum Physics
Body Electric (Becker) see more
Dancing Wu Li Masters (Zukav) see more
Divine Matrix (Braden) see more
Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Oschman) see more
(The) Field (McTaggert) see more
The Holographic Universe (Talbot) see more
Molecules of Emotion (Pert) see more
The New Physics of Healing (Chopra) see more
Quantum Healing (Chopra) see more
Quantum Reality (Herbert) see more
Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion (Dossey/Micozzi) see more

Spiritual Development
Anatomy of the Spirit (Myss) see more
(The) Art of Spiritual Healing (Goldsmith) see more
(The) Book of Forgiveness: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World (Tutu) see more
Care of the Soul (Moore) see more
(The) Chakras and the Human Energy Field (Karagulla/Kunz) see more
Dying to Be Me (Moorjani) see more
Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things (Dossey) see more
Fire in the Heart (Markides) see more
(The) Gift of Change:  Spiritual Guidance for Living Your Best Life (Williamson) see more
Healing From the Heart (R. Graham) see more
(The) Healing Gifts of Spirit (Sanford) see more
(The) Healing Light (Sanford) see more
Homage to the Sun (Markides) see more
(The) Isaiah Effect (Braden) see more
Love and Survival (Ornish) see more
(The) Magus of Strovolos (Markides) see more
Mind Body Spirit Workbook (Page and Hagenbach) see more
Practicing the Presence (Goldsmith) see more
Return to the Sacred:  Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening (Ellerby) see more
Sacred Mirrors (Grey) see more
Seat of the Soul (Zukav) see more
Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health (Kroeger) see more
Spiritual Alchemy (Page) see more
(The) Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch (Kunz and Krieger) see more
Touching Peace (Thich Nhat Hahn) see more
(The) Untethered Soul (Singer) see more
Walking a Sacred Path (Artress) see more
When Fear Falls Away (Jan Friedman) see more
When Things Fall Apart:  Hard Advice for Difficult Times (Chodron) see more
Wherever You Go There You Are (Kabat-Zinn) see more

Personal/Professional Development
(The) Anatomy of Peace (Arbinger Institute) see more
A Return to Love:  Reflections of Principles of a “Course in Miracles” (Williamson) see more
A New Earth (Tolle) see more
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (Chopra) see more
Body/Mind Workbook (Shapiro retitled Healing Mind, Healing Body)
Born to Serve:  The Evolution of the Soul Through Service (Trout) see more
Business Mastery (Sohnen-Moe) see more
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (Dyer) see more
Creating Affluence (Chopra) see more
Creative Imagery in Nursing (Shames) see more
(The) Energy of Money (Nehmeth) see more
Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting:  Astonishing Power of Feelings (Grabhorn) see more
(The) Gifts of Imperfection (Brown) see more
Heal Your Body (Hay) see more
Healers on Healing (Carlson) see more
Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection (Sarno) see more
Healing Touch: A Guidebook for Practitioners, 2nd ed. (Hover-Kramer, 2002) see more
Inspiration:  Your Ultimate Calling (Dyer) see more
Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How they Heal (Naparstek) see more
Leadership and Self-Deception (Arbinger Institute) see more
Love, Medicine and Miracles (Siegel) see more
(The) Medicine Woman’s Guide to Being in Business for Yourself (Bridges) see more
Mentoring (Hang)
Nurse as a Healer (Keegan) see more
(The) Power of Intention (Dyer) see more
Principle Centered Leadership (Covey) see more
Real Happiness at Work:  Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement and Peace (Salzberg) see more
Right Rhythmic Living (Ethridge) see more
Rituals of Healing (Achterberg) see more
Serving Humanity (Bailey) see more
Spiritual Economics (Butterworth) see more
Wishcraft:  How to Get What You Really Want (Sher) see more
Yes, I Will (Tovey)
You Can Heal Your Life (Hay) see more
Your Sixth Sense:  Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition (Naparstek)
see more

Artist's Way (Cameron) see more
The Creative Journal (Capacchione) see more
Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice (Adams)
Journal to the Self (Adams) see more
Journal to the Soul (Offner) see more
Life's Companion Journal(Baldwin) see more
Nurses Meditative Journal (Kahn) see more
The Power of Your Other Hand (Capacchione) see more
(The) Right to Write:  An Invitation and Initiation into Writing Life (Cameron) see more
Scribing the Soul (Adams) see more
Storycatcher (Baldwin) see more
(The)Well Being Journal (Capacchione) see more
(The) Write Way to Wellness (Adams)
Visual Journaling (Ganim/Fox) see more
Writing Down the Bones (Goldberg) see more

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